Freelance Bookkeeping
Need help keeping up with the paperwork?

About Freelance Bookkeeping

Phone: 0400 876000
Fax: 07 55938 939

Freelance Bookkeeping is a small business specialising in offering bookkeeping services to small and medium businesses within the Gold Coast area.

The business was started to help ease the burden of paperwork for all businesses that have staff that are required to fulfill a number of different roles.  This can mean that a lot of businesses don't know their financial position and make uninformed decisions.  We hope to alleviate that problem by providing regular bookkeeping services, as and when you require them.


Freelance Bookkeeping offer services of:


* MYOB & QuickBooks

* Data entry

* Regular bookkeeping services (either weekly or monthly, whatever suits)

* Setup and maintenance of bookkeeping system (MYOB & QuickBooks)

* Bank Reconciliations

* Preparation and lodgement of BAS

* Preparation of your books for accountant


Freelance Bookkeeping will either pick up and deliver all relevant material or come to your premises to complete the work.  The choice is yours.  All work is kept securely off site and confidentially is guaranteed.  Freelance Bookkeeping understands the time constraints business owners and managers operate under, therefore we are available six days a week by appointment.  Every effort will be made to attend to your requirements.


Freelance Bookkeeping offers various bookkeeping services, and prices for these services will be dependant on what is required to be carried out.  Please call me on 0400 876000 or email on

"By working together with our clients, we can ensure all the accounting requirements are met, on time and within budget. "  - Julie B - Director