Freelance Bookkeeping
Need help keeping up with the paperwork?

Freelance Bookkeeping on the Gold Coast

Freelance Bookkeeping offers a professional bookkeeping services to small and medium sized businesses.

All of our bookkeeping services are tailored specifically to your business, allowing you to spend time on managing and running your business, comfortable in the knowledge that your bookkeeping is being done, in line with all tax legislation, and on time.

The advantage of using a bookkeeper throughout the year is that 95% of the work required to lodge your Income Tax Return will be completed at a very competitive rate.

Phone us today for a no-obligation consultation and quote on:

* Identification, measuring and recording of all your business financial transactions

* Compilation of your accounts

* Reconciliation

* Cash flow reports

"By working together with our clients, we can ensure all the accounting requirements are met, on time and within budget. " - Julie B - Director